Thursday, August 6, 2009

N Scale Layout report

The valley on the N scale layout started construction over 2 years ago. Today, it is the main project the N scalers are working on. High hopes are what the N'ers have for it to be completed by this season's first open house. For those who don't know what is being done to the valley, I will tell you know what we have accomplished so far, then I will keep updating this until it is finished.

The bottom of the valley includes a winding river with the railroad crossing it trice, 6 if you count the high-girder bridge, and two other bridges; beautiful scenery; and a gravel mill. The outside top of the valley has a grainery; stockyard; a kitbashed high-girder bridge, and more beautiful scenery.

I will try to keep this posted as I much as I can.

Thanks, Toby.

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