Thursday, April 30, 2009

Delmarva Timetable

News of the Delmarva Model Railroad Club
May 2009
Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 6, 2009 in the Club meeting room.

Note from The President

Well another month has past. I've noticed that a lot of progress has happened with all the layouts.

I did get an email about the heater being left on again. Now that summer is almost here we will be running the AC units. All I'm asking to remember to turn off everything when every one leaves the club. We don't need to spend the extra money we don't have.

There isn't anything new else to say for this month.

Happy Railroading


Library News
Jeff Shockley, Librarian

The cataloging and arranging of the books and magazines continues.

If anyone has any news that they would like to share with the other members, whether it is club news, or news on your home layout, please send it on to me, pictures are welcome too. I will make sure it gets included.

Layout News
All groups report things are progressing smoothly on all the layouts

O gauge Hi-Rail Division
Gary Burlingame
Well we just about got the workroom finished.

Thursday I will get the air manifold mounted this will give you 1 high pressure outlet and 1 regulated outlet. I have a plug on the low pressure side so you could have 2 quick disconnects, if you want. The vent fans work off the bottom switch of the paint booth. This will save you from bending down and using the fan switches, just set em and forget em.

Then we'll start moving stuff back onto the shelves, probably will not get finished this week. But it's better than it was.

Ops Session and HO Layout Report
By Bill Deeter

We had our first session for 2009 on April. 19. There were 19 people in attendance. For the first session of the year everything went very well. We had a few electrical issues in Parkersburg and some confusion on power set up on the old section of the OR Sub and Wieland but that should be all sorted out for next session.

We ran 15 trains on the mains and another 10 + or so elsewhere. Traffic is still a bit out of balance but not that bad over all.

We also seemed to have a shortage of throttles as well as radios. It looks like we need 12 to 15 throttles, as that should get most everything that needs to move at one time, moving.

At the next HO meeting we need to figure out what our purchase priorities for the year will be.
Do we want to buy some throttles and radios or suggest operators get their own?
What projects will take Priority?

I also want to thank Curtis for donating the tortoise switch machines, as they were something we were in need of.

When working your trains please be sure to check your car cards and match them to the cars. Do not take a car out of a yard without a car card. As we were staging we found cars with no cards and cards with no cars. Also all the caboose’ have car cards.

Updates – Pat is working Kaiser Aluminum in Ravenswood on the second level. At this time, he is researching the plant and coming up with a plan. Work continues on Mead Paper, and Charlie has managed to work in the Scioto Oil building, complete with the buffalo on the roof! Pike has been busy with the landscape below Weiland. Signal switch wiring and turnouts are mostly wired in Moonville. Elmer has been working with Bob and Pike on that project. Andrew has expressed an interest in Sporn Power and has also been working on the spray booth area. Work continues on the area near Ray by John and Bill. Other scenery work continues around the layout, along with the continuing track maintenance and wiring. The Mayor of Weiland, Ed, has helped the Weiland and Port Charles RR acquire a locomotive, and designed a special paint scheme for the W&PC RR! It is an MP15 locomotive; and works hard to climb the grade up to the limestone quarry.

We need to start thinking about the industrial part of the yard in Parkersburg, so that building can continue. All suggestions and plans are welcome; but we need to vote on the best idea before we begin building. Bring any plans or recommendations to the next HO Meeting and we will discuss and vote on the best plan.

Keep in mind that in an industrial area, there must be room to run around and work the industries.

Notes about the new Club Web Site
by Elmer Mc Kay
If you go to the new web site and into the LAYOUTS section, you will notice that the HO layouts section is more complete that the sections for the other layouts. This is because I have had input and suggestions from the HO group.

To present our best work on the Internet, I need some input from the other Scales. Look through the HO section and see what is there. I am perfectly willing to make the other scales and layouts sections look the same way. For me to do this, I need you to send me the information. If you want the HISTORY of your layout explained on the page, write one and send it to me. If you want to talk about how you OPERATE your layout, write something up and send it to me.

You O Scale guys are going through a building and construction phase right now. Are you taking photos so they can be put on the web site? If not, why not?

I would love to tell the story of your layouts, but I can't make it up, after all, I am a relatively new member and was not here for what has happened and how your layouts have grown and changed

Our web site will be what YOU make it!!!

License Plate Frames
These fit over an automobile license plate. Available in Black or Chrome. The top has “Delmar,
Delaware” engraved on it, the bottom has
“Delmarva Model Railroad Club”. Price for members $15.00, non-members $20.00. Custom orders are accepted.

Club Shirts
Bill Shehan is accepting orders for club shirts. Two styles are available and come in sizes Small to 4XL.
Styles, Sizes and Prices are:

Golf Shirts (Short Sleeve Only)
S, M, L, XL $22.75
2XL $26.25
3XL $28.75
4XL $31.25

Broad Cloth (Long and Short Sleeve)
S, M, L, XL $25.00
2XL $27.50
3XL $30.00
4XL $32.50

Railroading News

Amtrak's Sunset Limited may rise again
Support builds for return of Jacksonville-New Orleans route
April 9, 2009 Jacksonville, Florida

The Sunset Limited Amtrak Route from Orlando to New Orleans has been gone since Hurricane Katrina damaged the CSX train tracks in 2005.

But after almost four years of inaction, politicians and various community groups in at least three states have begun advocating for the return of the train route, which runs through Jacksonville.

Supporters of the Sunset say they are optimistic that the new administration will mean Washington is more open. Both Barack Obama and Joe Biden were vocal Amtrak supporters in the Senate.

“The political climate seems to be turning in our favor,” said Barbara Tucker, a resident of Hurley, Miss. Tucker is a member of the Sunset Marketing and Revitalization Team, or SMART, a group that formed to advocate for the route’s return. SMART, the Florida Coalition of Rail Passengers and the National Association of Rail Passengers are all advocating for the Sunset’s return at the same time as Amtrak has begun conducting a feasibility study.
The damaged tracks have been repaired, and CSX says it has no objections. But low ridership before Katrina hit has Amtrak hesitating. About 81,000 people rode the line in 2005, down from 96,246 in 2004.

U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown, D-FL., who chairs a rail subcommittee, has insisted that Amtrak look into re-establishing the route. She inserted a requirement into recent Amtrak legislation that mandated the rail agency do at least that by the summer.

Amtrak spokesman Marc Magliari said the study into feasibility and cost is under way and will be submitted to Congress by July. A process is also being developed that will seek public feedback, but he couldn’t comment on what that process would be.
Ross Capon, spokesman for the National Association of Rail Passengers, said the Southeast is the only part of the continental United States that lacks an east-west Amtrak line. Several routes run through Florida, but they all go in a north-south direction.

Jacksonville Mayor John Peyton sent a letter to Amtrak asking that the route, which still runs from Los Angeles to New Orleans, be re-extended to help with area tourism.

Stephen Sayles, president of the Florida Coalition of Rail Passengers, said his group is trying to let people know about the practical impact of having an east-west Amtrak route in the Southeast.
Such a route could keep cars off the road, and give people an alternative when they travel along the Gulf Coast, Sayles said.

Uncertain future for model steam engines
Community Development officials seek more information on model railroad
Patrick Whitehurst, Reporter
April 7, 2009 Williams, Arizona
Patrick Whitehurst/WGCN
Red Lake Junction Railroad operator Robbie Diehl works on one of his miniature steam locomotives. Officials with Coconino County have recently raised concerns over Diehl’s operation, which offers public rides on weekends.

WILLIAMS - The Red Lake Junction Railroad may be in for some rough weather, as Coconino County officials decide how to classify the local attraction. The local model steam engine, which offers free rides to the public each weekend, may be forced to cease its activities should a suitable agreement not be reached between the property owner and development officials. County officials sent a letter to Robbie Diehl, owner and operator of the railroad, March 20 asking that he cease all rides and remove the railroad track from his land. According to the letter, Diehl is currently in violation of zoning ordinance, section 9.1.Coconino County Community Development Assistant Director Sue Pratt said they are hoping to meet with Diehl in early May to talk about the model railroad."Having a hobby railroad on your property is not a problem. Having a public attraction brings it into a different realm," Pratt said. "We need to determine how to classify the use, so that we can determine what steps the property owner needs to take in order to get it in conformance with the zoning. Where they are inviting the public to the property and offering rides, I understand, brings it into a use that's not just a permitted use. It makes it appear to be more of a commercial operation. We need to sit down with the property owners and have them explain it."

Officials notified Diehl of his violation, due to the fact that model railroads are not specifically mentioned as an allowable operation under Zoning Ordinance Section 9.1."If it's not listed it's prohibited," Pratt said. "What we allow people to do, if it's not a listed use, is to come in and explain how it might fit under a different use."A conditional use permit is a possibility, Pratt said, should the two parties reach an agreement on the property's use. Costs for permits vary, with the lowest beginning at $400. Diehl, meanwhile, said he hopes people will visit his Web site at and leave comments about his railroad, which he plans to share with both Pratt and Coconino County District 3 Supervisor Matt Ryan.

"If you can go to my Web site and send comments about the railroad, whether you'd like to have the railroad or even comments, if you think it's going to be a problem, of why it would be a problem, I will forward all these e-mails to Matt Ryan and I will forward these e-mails to Sue Pratt to show that there is support in the community for it. If there's no support in the community for it, there's really no use in me pursuing all these other avenues," Diehl said. "I'm more than willing to share my hobby, but it is a hobby and I'm not going to be able to afford to do thousands of dollars in permits to allow the general public to come ride the thing."Diehl added that he believes the model railroad can be a good thing for the community in the Williams area.
"The boy scouts actually have a railroading merit badge and I feel that this would be one of the places where the boy scouts could come and earn their railroading merit badge and learn about railroading," Diehl said. "My daughter's teacher, they're going to start doing railroading, I'm assuming, in May and teach about how the railroad developed the west. I've already invited them, from Heritage Elementary School, to come out and they can ride the train and see the steam engines and all of that, so there are a lot of different directions that you can go with this."

Crawford Co. train show calls up childhood joys

April 12, 2009 Mansfield, Ohio

BUCYRUS -- Dennis Chandler's father gave his son a Lionel model train when he was little.

Sixty years and 300 trains later, the Solon man found himself at the Train Show and Swap meet at the Crawford County Fairgrounds on Saturday.

"I've been collecting them all my life," Chandler said. "I've got a train room in my basement that's wallpapered with trains. It's got 1,200 feet of shelving, 300 engines and eight operating trains. I have just about everything, but I always keep looking. You never know what you're gonna find."

Dave Moore, president of the Bucyrus Model Railroad Association, said the event included 115 tables and 30 dealers from all over Ohio and Michigan.

"People come out to buy, trade, swap and bargain," Moore said. "This is our big fundraiser for the year. It helps pay our bills and utilities."

Trains of all scales, plus videos, books and scenery pieces were on tables throughout the Youth Hall.
Wearing a white train sweatshirt, Sharon Couvion traveled two hours from Beavercreek for the show.

"I've been doing this stuff since I was a little kid," she said. "It's an interest between me and several friends."
Couvion said she grew up near railroad tracks on the east end of Dayton.

"My dad would walk me down to the tracks, and I always thought they were so neat," she said. "I liked the passenger cars. I enjoyed seeing all the people and I always wanted to travel."

Couvion said she has a train set up in her house.

"It's just not as big as the one I had as a child," she said with a laugh. "I live in a condominium now."

Scott Love, of Delaware, Ohio, attended as a seller.

"I'm selling some of my stuff and my brother's stuff," he said. "He got me interested when I was little. I think my favorite part of these shows is just meeting all the people."

Seated next to him, wearing a striped conductor's cap, was his 9-year-old son Bryce.

"I like playing with trains," Bryce said as he munched on a handful of pretzels. "I also like to spend time with my dad. Sometimes I walk around or I help him sell. It's fun."

For A Laugh (emails from internet friends)

We Tried
A 75 year old man went to his doctor's office to get a sperm count.

The doctor gave the man a jar and said, "Take this jar home and bring me back a semen sample, tomorrow.

The next day the 75 year old man reappeared at the doctor's office and gave him the jar, which was as clean and empty as on the previous day.

The doctor asked what happened and the man explained, "Well, doc, it's like this--First I tried with my right hand, but nothing. Then I tried with my left hand, but still nothing. Then I asked my wife for help. She tried with her right hand, then her left, still nothing. She even tried with her mouth, first with the teeth in, then with her teeth out, still nothing. We even called up Earleen, the lady next door and she tried too, first with both hands, then an armpit!! She even tried squeez'n it between her knees, but still nothing.

The doctor was shocked! 'You asked your neighbor?'

The old man replied, "Yep, but no matter what we tried we still couldn't get that damned jar open".

Beware Home Depot
A heads up' for those men who may be regular Home Depot customers. This one caught me by surprise.

Over the last month I became a victim of a clever scam while out shopping. Simply going out to get supplies has turned out to be quite traumatic. Don't be naive enough to think it couldn't happen to you or your friends.

Here’s how the scam works:

Two seriously good-looking 21-22 year old girls come over to your car as you are packing your shopping into the trunk. They both start wiping your
windshield with a rag and Windex With their breasts almost falling out of their skimpy t-shirts. It is impossible not to look.

When you thank them and offer them a tip, they say 'No' and instead ask you for a ride to McDonald's.

You agree and they get in the back seat. On the way, they start undressing . Then one of them climbs over, onto the front seat and starts crawling all over you, then, the other one of them steals your wallet.

I had my wallet stolen October 4th, 9th, 10th, twice on the 15th, 17th, 20th, 24th & 29th. Also Nov 1st, 4th, twice on the 8th, 16th, 23rd, 26th, 30th, three times last Saturday and very likely again this upcoming weekend.

So tell your friends to be careful.

P.S. Wal-Mart has wallets on sale 2.99 each

Irish Golfer
A golfer playing in Ireland hooked his drive into the woods. Looking for his ball, he found a little Leprechaun flat on his back, a big bump on his head and the golfer's ball beside him. Horrified, the golfer got his water bottle from the cart and poured it over the little guy, reviving him.
'Arrgh! What happened?' the Leprechaun asked.
'I'm afraid I hit you with my golf ball,' the golfer says.
'Oh, I see.. Well, ye got me fair and square. Ye get three wishes, so whaddya want?' '
Thank God, you're all right!' the golfer answers in relief. 'I don't want anything, I'm just glad you're OK, and I apologize.' And the golfer walks off.

'What a nice guy,' the Leprechaun says to himself. I have to do something for him. I'll give him the three things I would want... a great golf game, all the money he ever needs, and a fantastic sex life.'

A year goes by and the golfer is back. On the same hole, he again hits a bad drive into the woods and the Leprechaun is there waiting for him. 'Twas me that made ye hit the ball here,' the little guy says. 'I just want to ask ye, how's yer golf game?'

'My game is fantastic!' the golfer answers. I'm an internationally famous golfer now.' He adds, 'By the way, it's good to see you're all right.'

'Oh, I'm fine now, thankye. I did that fer yer golf game, you know. And tell me, how's yer money situation?' '

Why, it's just wonderful!' the golfer states. 'When I need cash, I just reach in my pocket and pull out $100.00 bills I didn't even know were there!'

'I did that fer ye also.' And tell me, how's yer sex life?'

The golfer blushes, turns his head away in embarrassment, and says shyly, 'It's OK.'

'C'mon, c'mon now,' urged the Leprechaun, 'I'm wanting to know if I did a good job. How many times a week?'

Blushing even more, the golfer looks around then whispers, 'Once, sometimes twice a week.'

'What??' responds the Leprechaun in shock. 'That's all? Only once or twice a week?'

'Well,' says the golfer, 'I figure that's not bad for a Catholic priest in a small parish.'

Up-Coming Shows in the Area

National Collectors Club Train Show – May 17, 2009, Wayne P.A.L. Hall, Wayne NJ. All Gauges from Z to O, Hess Trucks, Die Cast, Test Track, Train Doctor, FREE parking. 9am-2pm. $5.00, Children under 10 Free with parent. For info: John @ 732-845-5966. Future show dates for 2009, July 12, Nov 8, Dec 27.

National Collectors Club Train Show – May 31, 2009, Brick Elks Lodge, Brick NJ. All Gauges from Z to O, Hess Trucks, Die Cast, Test Track, Train Doctor, FREE parking. 9am-2pm. $5.00, Children under 10 Free with parent. For info: John @ 732-845-5966. Future show dates for 2009, July 19, Nov 1, and Jan 3, 2010.

Great Scale Model Train Show – June 27-28, 2009, Maryland State Fairgrounds, Timonium, MD. All scales Z to G, Large White Elephant sales area, FREE train movies, Free parking. Saturday 9am-4pm, Sunday 10am-4pm. Adults $9.00, Children under 15, free. For info: Howard @ 410-730-1036 or email at:

Tidewater Division Model Railroaders 2009 Model Train Show & Sale - September 19-20, 2009, Virginia Beach Convention Center. 1000 19th Street, Virginia Beach VA. Operation layouts, Train Doctor, Test Track, Train Sets, Scenery Supplies, BSA Merit Badge for Railroading, Memorabilia, White Elephant tables. $7.00, children under 12 free with parent, Scouts in uniform with Scout Leaders in uniform admitted FREE. For info: 757-426-2811 or email

Saturday, April 18, 2009

april op session

Crew call for the parkersburge sub
for sunday april 19 @ 1245
for the first op session of the year