Friday, August 7, 2009

At the August business meeting, we celebrated our 25th anniversary with cake and ice cream that was provided by Pat Mulrooney, Matt Schramm, and John Steplowski
Of the members that arrive early in the day, there were fewer folks working on the HO layout this week. Meade Paper is still progressing under the work of Charlie Scott. Elmer continues to work on the scenery in the Mount Lime area as well as teaching Pike some basic layout track bus wiring. (Pike is wiring in the block detection board (BDL-168) to the main line from Chillicothe to West.) Bob is proceeding with getting ready to switch over some turnouts in the Parkersburg wye area from remote switch control to computer control. Pat has started work on Kaiser Aluminum on the Ohio River Sub. He has the track plan laid out and is moving some mainline track, and has started installing track for the facility. Others continue to work on their respective areas as well. Some of the new members have started to get more involved in the club by asking about areas that they could work on, and with HO CEO Bill's approval, will be assigned areas that could use work.


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