Thursday, June 10, 2010

The new DCC Electrical Cabinet has been installed and wired. Testing is now complete. Everything seems to be working the same as it was before the change-over. Phasing between all Boosters now seems to be correct. (A couple of Phasing issues were found and corrected.) This was verified by running several trains around the layout, in the Parkersburg Yard, down to the Port, on the Branch through Wieland, and up the Ohio River Sub. Trains did not slow between districts and breakers did not trip.

A note about this Electrical change: This change was not done to correct any abnormal issues. It was done to remove the old DC power supplies and cabinet, and make the DCC wiring neater and easier to work on if issues were to develop later. Plus it gets some of the electronics under cover and away from the prying hands of visitors.

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