Monday, October 5, 2009

HO Scale Happenings

- The LocoNet problems on the HO layout that were discovered and reported in this Blog on August 18th have been corrected. The LocoNet in the suspect area was rewired and separated. This basically included all of the new section. There is now one Net for throttles and another Net for the detection, signals, and turnout control. This was done so if we have problems again, troubleshooting will be easier.
- Scenery work is moving forward in major and minor areas and ways. There will be several areas of new scenery for our Open House visitors to see this year, some completed and some still in work. Some detail work is also taking place on various parts of the HO layout.
- Track work, both design and installing in the Parkersburg Yard is also continuing. The town of Athens should be seeing some new developments soon. Rowland and friends have submitted a plan for that area, and it has been approved by the HO members.

- Don't forget, this Wednesday October 7th is the October Business meeting.


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